Developer: use multiple soda (PET) bottles (1L or less) or better yet glass bottles filled to the top to keep your developer fresh
Stop: water rinse is fine.....I rinse, discard, fill and let is sit a few minutes and dump again....overkill? Probably
Fix: what everyone else said. I usually just keep track of the date and discard after 3 months unless I am doing a large volume of film since I don't usually hit the capacity in that time. I always give is a sniff too because that is a hint if it has gone bad.I never re-use fix that was used for printing.
Permawash: don't bother for film. I only use it for fiber paper.
Washing: Photoflo mixed tends to go bad on me (things growing in it). I usually mix 2-3 drops of concentrate per liter plus about 10ml of isopropyl alcohol.