I've been experimenting quite a bit with unorthodox applications of HC-110 including extreme dilution.
Perhaps I came late to the game because I detest the traditional combination of HC-110 and "thick"
Tri-X negs. I realize that some famous work has been done this way, but I just don't like that crisp
salt-and-pepper obvious grit in the skies relative to my own images. With tabular films this doesn't
seem to be such an issue. HC-110 seems to give a straighter line with some films than something
like 76 or any of the old MQ formulas, though not quite as good as TMRS developer. So I suspect
the basic silver particle size to begin with has a lot to do with the mackie line effect and grain
crispness described above, with old-school films behaving a little different than newer very thin
emulsion varieties.