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Ulrich, your words of CLA-warning are hurting my pocket book ;-)

I have a few OMs that are working quite well but I guess I should deal with the risk of deteriorating foam, eh? Does any one know of any way to tell if it has been removed in some previous CLA, other than keeping track of new deteriorated spots in the viewfinder??

Btw, I also am not big on power winders for the OM but to each his own. I also think the OM system is about size and simplicity. Having said that I do have a powerwinder for my Pentax Auto 110 but that is only because it looks crazy with it!
As a rule of thumb I'd say, if a previous owner didn't mention it, it hadn't been done, especially if it hadn't been converted to silver oxide batteries. No reputable repairsman would service the prism without converting the meter at the same time. The other way round it works as well. If it had been converted to silver oxide batteries, there's a good chance the goo is gone, as no one would leave it there once the housing is removed.