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The mju II is an ideal size for a 5 year old's hands. It will also fit into his/her pocket as well. It is quite rugged and sealed to a reasonable extend against "the weather".

Fully auto gives instant success which is important for kids. If he/she loses interest then it is still a good carry around camera for use in instances where bigger cameras might be less manageable or less appropriate.

The plastic Kodak Brownie 127 looks like a "real camera" to a child and it is but it is a bit flimsy and maybe too big for a 5 year old's hands and with the demise of Efke are there any makers of 127 film left?

It also has a proper looking case which would fit around the childs shoulder so he/she can look like a proper photographer just like mum/dad.

I don't think there's any other makers of 127. I haven't found any. Unless the Lomo people have some of the film left, getting more for the Bella is going to be a pain in my backside.

I have 7 rolls of Efke R100 left. Once those are gone, my Bella becomes nothing more than a conversation piece unless I cut down 120.