I finally got over there to look at things. There are two Omega's, a Lentar, a Beseler 67c, a Majestic tripod, a Speed Graphic body for parts, and a fully functioning Speed Graphic.

He's also selling me all of his darkroom books, tanks, trays, bottles, negative holders, a collection of light meters, safe lights, drum dryer, and a bunch if other stuff.

The thing that sounded like a Jobo is actually a Uniroller, but I haven't a clue what it's for.

The Speed Graphic comes with a wooden case, 7 double sided film holders, and two flashes. We tripped the shutter and the thing moved back and forth on the tracks smoothly. He said he last used it about 4 years ago. The ground glass doesn't look scratched, but I never could figure out how to see through it.

So here are some photos. Is all this worth $385?