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And she still is.
I would say I depends on the kid. My kids were shooting at about that age, now they were shooting both digi and film (disposable at the time) but they appreciated both. They liked the immediacy of digi but liked the specialness of getting prints from film (like a lot of people, my digital photos were seldomly printed). I am sure instant film is the perfect compromise, but my pockets whenever deep enough for that.

Your right that the stylus would be a good choice, but i understand that it can be a bit pricy these days, unless you find some score at a thrift store. But I think any of the stylus-like cameras will be good option. I liked my kids starting with fix focus lens, I think it was easier for them than farting about with a zoom.

When my daughter was about 8 she would take my DSLR from me. I was a lazy photographer at that point and it would handed back to me with auto exposure and facts turned off, haha.