I use the Mamiya TLR as my workhorse camera (either a C330 or a C220). I also have a Mamiya 6 at my disposal, which I like for travel. I think the M6 wil fail before the TLRs. Push comes to shove I can fix those myself.

As I get older ( 8-( ) I find the waist-level finder is better for my eyes. I hand-hold the TLR, but prefer a monopod or a tripod. No camera movement is better than some movement with a fast shutter speed.

Unless you like working inside arm's length, parallax should not be a real issue. And if you do want to work close, you can get close to 1:1 with the built-in bellows. You won't get any better than that, though.

Look for good condition C330, C330f, or C220. I would pass on the C220f and C330s. Although newer, I don't think they warrant the price premium. All of these do 120/220. Don't forget that these are all used cameras - actual wear and tear counts for more than chronological age. Quirks to look for: C330/C330f the short lens focusing scale uses a sliding window. This often sticks closed. Bellows light-tight? Film change baffle light-tight? Film transport working - test with a sacrificial film or roll of backing paper. You will need this to confirm the frame counter works. The focus rail should be smooth but firm. Check the interior for the usual state of the film guides.

The link mentioned previously has a lot of information. It keeps growing - I have some small detail updates to make at the end of this month.