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Is it a professional grade camera?

As good as it got when it was made (1953-54?). This was before Hasselbalds, before the Leica M3, the Nikon F. Rollei was one of *THE* professional cameras into the 60s, and the 2.8C was the best it made at the time. If you were looking to buy a medium format camera in 1953, you couldn't do better. Different, maybe, but not better.

By the way, if it needs service, please avoid Krimar Photo in New Jersey. There are other people who are happy to work on this model without complaining about its age, complaining about getting parts, and making excuses for doing incompetent work while padding the bill with unauthorized additions. Krikor may be one of the best on later models, but he shouldn't take in cameras he won't repair properly and do work he won't stand behind.