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Stephanie, if I was anywhere near Iowa, I'd pick you and the kids up to go somewhere fun - I'm also a SAHM, but we have too many cars (not all run). My mom knits, spins, weaves, and dyes - yup, she's 71 and doesn't swear.
I want to get into weaving, but my husband says a loom won't fit in our house. He's probably right, though.

Also, my maternal grandmother says 'damn' and 'shit', but won't say anything else. It's really, really funny to see an 84 (almost) year old woman say that when she does something wrong. Heh. I love her, and I'm glad she's healthy because my life will be so empty when she's gone. One of the reasons I'm getting the big cameras set back up is because she's been in the hospital lately for a lot of various things and I want to get some really nice photos taken of her. She's the one in the picture in the gallery.