I just realised I have another question. 1 Gallon seems like a lot. If I buy a gallon do I mix it up in one big pot (has to hold 4 litres right? 3.8 ltrs I think is 1 gallon from memory) and then put the mixture into one 2ltr bottle (1 quart is .94 litres) and then fill another bottle with the remaining developer and use it to replenish the main 2ltr bottle of solution? Am I understanding this replenishing concept correctly? It seems like a big amount of developer but Freestyle only offers it in 1 gallon. Adorama offers quarts but they want $150 to ship it to Australia as opposed to Freestyle who charge around $20... I only have a one reel tank (but im sure ill get a 3 or 4 reel tank in the future) so I'm not quite sure what to do. Any advice?