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Strange, I had severe color loss when I went 2 stops, I developed two fujichromes, one astia at normal time of a sunset and lake, Amd got normal color, with a little burst which was nice, and then a 2 stop provia, which came out with very muted tones... Like an early color image, very earthy tones. I shot and developed them same day, and then developed two other E-6 (ektachrome) after that in the same developer and it was only the 2stop pushed roll that came out with color loss... Does pushing it cause a need for a longer time in the color developer?



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When I did the +4, I increased the 2nd bath time (first wash) to lower the contrast (by raising shadow values and shifting gamma) to counteract the excessive contrast you normally get. You don't need to (and technically not 'supposed' to) change anything except first developer times for pushing and pulling.

I haven't done much with +2 stop pushing E-6 or in general really, but have done someone's EBX @ +1 which gave a slight magentay/purpley bias to the colour over regular EBX.