For sale nice Canon AE-1 SLR film camera - SN 2374256

Has some signs of use here and there but nothing critical. Has no strap.

Light meter works perfect. Speeds sound correct to me. No any known issues.

Comes with 50mm 1.8 prime Canon FD S.C. lens. Aperture works well. Focusing is smooth.
I see something inside.. Technically lens looks very clean, with few very small dust specs, but when I "angle" it
I can see something on internal element. Not sure what is it. I do not see anything when looking in a view finder.
View finder is clean with very few minor specs.

Will accept reasonable offer.

I'm new here but have good feedbacks on big auction website, the same username.

$60 / PayPal / Free Ground USPS shipping in CONUS.

Please check shipping price overseas / or other shipping method from 85032 in USA.

Thank You!