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I was actually just talking with the lab tech at my local camera shop about these. Apparently they were made by Phototherm using a generic plastic reel, cut to fit 4x5. It was a good concept, but he said that in practice the inner sheet would end up slipping off the reel, causing the two inner sheets to have uneven development and scratching.
I just referenced this thread in another, so I thought I would come back and put in some pictures in case someone finds it in a search.

I did not win the auction I listed in the opening post, and after a while that item is going to crawl out of eBay's cache and vanish.

But I did correspond with the seller, and he was kind enough to take some snapshots of the reels before shipping them to the winner.

Here are some pictures.

ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1351230968.866475.jpg

ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1351231004.754135.jpg

ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1351231036.628312.jpg

ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1351231060.346636.jpg

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