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400H is described as a low saturation film. My images came out VERY saturated so that is why I did not get expected results. Perhaps these images will look different when printed out on paper. That would be very interesting to see.
I doubt that they will look much different on paper.

I think that what you are describing as high saturation and contrast may simply be that the tones are "printing" or "falling" darker than you planned as a result of underexposure.

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The darks are REALLY weird in my 400H images. I have no ability whatsoever to push the shadows. Weird green dots appear and the grain is horrific. I dont know if that is a film issue or a bad scan from the lab. I have never had a problem pushing my Reala or Acros scans from this lab. This weekend I'm going to shoot some Kodak Porta 400 and compare how that looks and acts.

RattyMouse I'm going to guess now, given the the funky shadow detail you describe and the amount of detail and lack of "pop" in the highlights, that you simply underexposed versus your intent for the shot.

How did you meter?