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I understand that scanning can change the properties of negative film. However, are these changes consistent with what I am showing in the images above? Would so much color be added to a low saturation negative? The amount of color I'm seeing in my images is really much higher than I was expecting.

To put it simply, do these images look like they are from 400H film?
The negative is like a score, the print is like the performance, anyone who has been in a choir or orchestra will tell you, there is a lot of creative process getting from score to performance.

There are two ways to get from negative to colour print, the traditional enlarger projection and the digital scan, they are different means to achieve the same thing (a print). I realized something a few years ago, if it's difficult to get a good print using enlarger projection, then a digital scan is also going to be difficult to get a good result. Night exposures can be the hardest to get good results from, because lit areas are often over exposed, while dark areas are under exposed, this can result in more contrast then normal. I think this is what we are seeing here, a slight over and under exposure, and in this case it worked quite well. You can do this intentionally by metering on bright areas, then metering on dark areas and splitting the difference.