if you get a d3v ( auto focus )
the lenses are the least of your worries.
getting new or different enlarging lenses are easy and cheap to ship.

there are 3 condensors you need to make sure the enlarger has ..
two go in the condensor sleeve below the light source
and one in a tray above the negative stage.
you also want to look for an snatch up, if you can find it
the variable focusing bellows attachment.
it is supposed to be used for making jewel prints, but its alternative use ...
allowing you to use whatever lenses you decide upon
without having to deal with the rails in the back ( that extend and compress the bellows ( the auto in auto focus) )
and the lens cones which extend the lens from the lens platform.
harry taylor at classic-enlargers.com is the omega-man, he will be able
to clarify what you might have or might be missing if you can't find the info on the khb website.

i have a military d3v and have used it since 1988 when it was shipped to me in 13 boxes from colorado
through an advert in shutterbug magazine. it cost me 300$ + shipping was worth every penny.

have fun!