In another thread, it was discussed what makes a "photographer". So....yesterday I was out for a drive with my sweetheart and we stopped to take a picture of another church. I'm using these as learning tools to get a grip on picture size, proportion exposure etc.
I set up, positioned as far back as a fence would allow, metered the scene and then....all at once, a van drove up, the driver asked directions, it started to spit rain, it started to rain harder, I rushed to get the picture and under the pressure of time I cracked!! yup, I cracked under pressure!!
When I drop a wing on final, I instinctively step on the other rudder, When I was scaling underground, I "knew" which rock above was loose and which one I could stand under........what did I do as a "photographer" under pressure???
I forgot to set the aperture down to f/32 from f/4.5 in a scene with a three stop range where the upper end was 1/125'th @ f/32
So....I'm going to use divided d23 with 1 minute in "A" and 2 minutes in "B".
I guess we'll see what happens eh?