Hi Mike!

Thanks for sharing your solution to internal bellows flare. My darkroom
(still not completely functioning yet, but the goal is to have it working by
year's end) is being set up to handle film for 5x7 and enlargemnets to 11x14.

I'm looking at a compendium type lens shade for my modified 5x7 Seneca
with the WF Ektar 135/56.3. I think I'll get the Lee system of compendium
shade and filter holder, but it will have to wait due to the cost (like $400+ as
the Ektar would require SK Grimes to make an adaptor to except the Lee system,
an additional $75+). I'll try to fund this next year. In the meantime I don't want
to delay getting started with all this new equipment and processes.

Plus I've got many unprinted 35mm negatives to print that I've been using
for the past 4 plus years. I haven't even used the 11x14 Versalab washer yet!
I'll continue to shoot 35mm ( with a Russian Zorki camera, always in my pants
pocket, a copy of the Leica II, though I've added a Leitz 50mm frameline finder),
as this approach to photography is vastly different from the view camera.

Also, I'm aprrenticing someone with a keen interest in black and white
silver printing and helping him setup his darkroom with the necessary chemicals
and materials.

Rich Lahrson
Berkeley, California