I loved HC-110 with Tri-X before they reformulated Tri-X and the developing times for dilution B are now too short for roll film on a reel. I have always found the grain structure and shadow density produced by the TX/HC110B combo to be much more to my liking than D-76. Rodinol has wonderful qualities, but for me HC-110 was it.

Another thing about shelf life, I had someone give me bottles of very old HC-110. He said it worked fine. I saw a big difference in base fog, highlight separation, and D-Max areas when I processes a test roll (AKA a roll my wife shot). So it's shelf life is not infinite. Now that I got my old M2 repaired and fitted with a nice Summicron M lens, I'm playing with Tri-X in Rodinol, and T-Max 400 in HC-110B. Neither will be like the TX in HC-110. Sad face here.