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Wow....you large format people have to spend enormous money per image. I like slowing down with film compared to digital, but shooting only a few shots per week would kill me.
Well, looking at it as price per square inch, it's really not that bad. When I bought some 10-sheet boxes of 8x10 Tri-x this year, it was like $5.50 per sheet. Not bad, but of course not great. But if you think that price is "bad," go to JapanExposures.com and see what Fuji Acros 8x10 costs: y14,690. That's about the price for Kodak color 8x10 film. So I'll shoot Kodak Tri-x while I can get it in the store, and then I'll be shooting Ilford. Yes, I absolutely agree that Ilford is great film. I sure wish that I could get Delta 3200 in sheet format!