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Thanks for the advice.

I actually had a gas attack and figured that the only cure was to buy something!

I ordered a 28mm f3.5 and 21mm f3.5 Zuikos off keh.com. The 28mm f3.5 was ~$40, i think, and the 21mm f3.5 was ~$350. I figured that this was cheaper than going RF. Neglecting the cost, I figured that I would be just as happy starting off with RF 21/28's too. At this point, I think that the biggest thing for me to understand is if I like these focal lengths. For what I have in mind, either camera system will be fine more or less.
Good choice. The OM 28 3.5 is super sharp at just about all apertures and a 21 is a better "super-wide" then a 24 IMO. I hardly ever touch my 24mm lenses, I almost invariably want it wider or find that it's too wide.