I have just had a new 1ltr Tetenal E6 kit delivered and I am somewhat confused by the instructions. They seem to contradict each other at opposite ends of the instruction pages. The last lot of E6 I used was also Tetenal and the instructions booklet from that lot shows they are different. Are they covering themselves just in case something goes wrong?

In the new booklet The instructions are shown on page 8 for 'Rotary Discard' which I always use.They give the pre heat time as 5 mins and the 1st development time as 6mins 15 secs, which is the same as in the older booklet. As are the remaining steps shown on page 8.

However in the section Notes on processing steps right at the bottom it suggests to me that the agitation should be constant for the 1st 15 seconds, then once every 15 seconds. That to me doesn't sound at all like rotary processing but they don't say so. Then on page 9 there is a bit about stabilising and below that a line which reads :-" For Rotary processing equipment, pre heat to 39C/102F and first development time +7 mins"

Has something been lost in the translation or am I simply being a little bit slow? What time should the 1st development be 6'.15" or 7 Mins and is it rotary or inversion agitation?

Below that is a section about general instructions and the 2nd paragraph contains something I have never come across before, about plastics absorbing the 2nd developer and should not be used!!! I only know of rotary processors that use a plastic tank and the measures are plastic so what should be done? A scan of the two pages is attached.