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I find the problem with Lloyds bulk loader is the last frame on the film i.e. the piece you fix to the spool. If I pull out 1-2 inches and tape it to the spool before sliding the casette in and place the cap, the last frame will inevitably be half black. If I knew exactly how many frames there were on the strip I could just avoid exposing the last but I don't know exactly. Should I just accept that life is imperfect or does anybody here have a trick to solve this issue?
Wind the number of turns the chart says for the number of frames you want to load. Unless you always load the same length, mark the cartridge (piece of masking tape with the number written on it works.) Then always stop shooting one frame short of that. Load 24 and shoot no more than 23 for example. Problem solved.

Many of the problems with bulk loading come from trying to get the most use of every square inch of the film. It's worth wasting a half frame or frame to make sure all the rest are good.