A little trick I came up with when color printing with my CPA2. When I try to figure out color filtration and exposure times, I don't use the drums for test strips. Instead, I use about 4x5 test strips. I expose a strip under the enlarger, roll it into a cylinder and process it directly in the beakers with chemistry: 1 min developer, quick rinse under running water and 1 min in blix. This way I don't spend time on rinse and drum washing just for the test strips - a quick 3min turnaround time for each test strip. Once I think I'm close to the exposure and filtration, I then fire up the whole sheet in the drum. Speeds things up dramatically.

P.S. Obviously, wear gloves when hand-dunking the test strips into chemistry. I get those 100-pack latex disposables and get new pair after each processing.