It happens to us all John, at least I hope it does!

I got a new imported EF100f2 this week, and as my EOS33 is dead (long story) rather than get it repaired I bagged an EOS30v ex-Canon demo model, from their e-bay shop for a very nice 140quid.

So Iwas itching to try them out. I wanted to head up to Stirling for the Medival anti-G8 street party, but I've hurt my back (again), so I decided to pop down and visit my sister. I figured I could handle a quick shoot of her children in the garden.
Anyway I had checked the 'custon functions' on the 30v, but I was a little confused by the wording of the DX-coding function. I leave this on as most of the time I shoot at the recommended speed.

So after young Andrew (9) had had some fun with the 30v, a 28-80f2.8, the grip, flash gun and a roll of HP5 (he had a job lifting it all) I ushered the kids out into the garden. There was plenty of light and I intended to shoot with a fairly wide apeture to see what the 100mmf2 could do. So I loaded a roll of APX100. Half way through the roll Kirsten (7) wanted to take a few shots of me. So I switched to fully auto for her, showed her how to press the button half way then take the shot. She did just fine. I took the camera back and continued wondering why the camera was behaving a little stangely, yup I continued on fully auto for another 5 frames (doh!). I finnished the roll in the 30v, then finnished off the roll in my other body.

Half an hour later I remembered about the DX coding function. Oh no! Panic. Luckly when I switched the camera on and checked the ISO it was at 100 rather than 400 for the HP5. Phew.

I have to say it's when I shoot people directly (ie not candidly) I mess up. I'm aware I have to study their postion carefully, and I know I'm not good at this. Plus I have to talk to them, put them in position, make them feel at ease, and on top of that operate the camera. I often mess up the camera settings when shooting people like this. I'm even thinking of putting a sticker on the back of my SLR's with a short check list. I do think camera settings, but with all the other stuff to think of my mind tends to freeze.

Some people say to me 'I'm a little nervous in front of the camera', I usually reply something like, 'you think you're nervous? Wanna swap?' Often it's the truth, it gets a laugth and helps us both relax.

I'll never make a proper portait snapper.