Hey guys!

I apologize for being so scarce around APUG these days. I've just been busy as hell it seems like, and adjusting to a new city. My goal is to get in a routine of posting a couple times a week with what we're working on, and learning.

Like Ron said, I've got a bromo-iodide emulsion in my refrigerator and we're going to coat it next week. We're gonna do glass plates, film and paper, and see how it fares. As Eastman said, "Pray for the emulsion!" This is a good plate formula, but Ron wants to see if it's suitable for paper, so we'll do some tests on that. Being able to pick Ron's brain in person is a treat; we've been having fun and I know we're both excited to focus more on emulsion making.

Mostly however I've been helping with Mark Osterman and Nick B., fellow intern and Mark's apprentice. We've already had two workshops in the first 3 weeks since I've been here; 35mm daguerreotype and carbon printing. Daguerreotype (Bequerel at least) is really quite simple (and safe), and I want to give it a go myself. Carbon printing is the bee's knees, and the practical experience coming down from Mark has been great; so many little things that you have to learn by doing.

Today and yesterday though, we're cleaning out the darkrooms in preparation for setting up a bonified emulsion lab. Some seriously amazing stuff is lurking in the cupboards here!

The attached picture is a hand truck we filled with old paper/film. Some might be usable, a lot of it is great paper for fixing out, but in whole it represents a bunch of silver! Thinking about filling a kiddy pool with fixer and reclaiming the Ag to finance some of this..

More later, cheers!