I have a complaint about the Printfile sheets for 35mm film (product # 35-7B, seven 5-frame strips per sheet). Due to vertical space used by the title-area on top, the strips fit so tightly that it's difficult to get them to slide in and out. The resulting high sliding-friction causes scratches if any microscopic bits of dust are present. I wish Printfile would eliminate the title-area, and spread the extra vertical space among the seven strips so they'll slide in/out more easily.

I bought a big roll of 4-frame strips of the kind used by minilabs. They have plenty of space above/below the strips, so they can slide with almost no friction. Problem solved. Pakor sells rolls (and sheets) for both 35mm and 120: http://www.pakor.com/Category/Sleeving_Products.cfm

Mark Overton