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I prefer slide film when doing landscape photography which is mostly what I take. Otherwise I do black and white, mostly because that seems to be the only film that has any variation in it anymore. The Kodak Chromes are gone, Fuji is the only company left, and they are paring back their offerings. Fall foliage shots are by far the best way to show off what chromes can do. When I can afford it, I would love to get a large format camera and see what chromes do at 8x10.
Besides costing a metric arse-ton of money to create?

They're impressive on a light box but that's hardly a good display medium. And even if you put them on a backlighted frame or the like, E6 will fade pretty rapidly if continuously lighted. You can get, or used to could get and I think maybe still can, RA4 material for backlit display.

Or of course you can scan and do anything you can do with any other scan, but then there's not that much advantage to the 8x10 over the much more affordable to produce 4x5 (or maybe, depending on the scanner, medium format, but a flat bed does a decent job with LF. Not a drum scan, sure, but pretty good none the less.)