I've been interested in the pentax auto 110 for a while now and finally took the plunge and bought one with 3 lenses for a very reasonable price.Now that I've looked and marvelled at the size(or lack of) I've decided to use it,if I can,with self loaded 16mm black and white film.I have no experience whatsoever in the 110 department,but I believe that a 110 cartridge can be opened and loaded with 16mm film in the dark.I've googled some stuff related to this on the net and some of it is helpful and some not,for the members here I have some questions-in the hope that someone here has actually done what I'm planning to do.Buying unperforated 16mm film,getting some 110 cartridges and rigging the pentax auto 110 to shoot the stuff.I can modify a patterson reel to fit 16mm.recommendations for 100-400 speed film.Any experience,suggestions etc would be appreciated.