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Besides costing a metric arse-ton of money to create?
Awww now Roger... Don't be scaring everyone off.

8x10 Fujifilm Provia 100F at B&H is only US$11.00/sheet, less shipping. And 8x10 E-6 processing at, say, E-Six Lab in your own Atlanta, is only an additional US$6.00/ sheet. No shipping as you could likely deliver and pick it up yourself.

That's only US$17.00/sheet. Not inexpensive, to be sure. But if you already own an 8x10 camera and don't have a 250-exposure motor drive attached to it, that's not really very much. Especially just to be able to say you've done it once or twice.

I'm considering giving it a try when we have our annual 3-week summer and the rains momentarily pause sometime next August.