Thank you APUG friends. Your advice makes perfect sense. Today I have on loan a Nikon F2AS and a Nikon FM to try with my 50mm f1.2. I can see where the extra weight of the F2 nulls some of the camera shake and the meter will read in available darkness. I like the compactness of the FM and the fact it is mechanical. I shall give them both a test run and see what develops. Looking at the prices that the F3 brings, I find them to be affordable. I would like to try a F3hp along with these two cameras. The suggestion has been made to use the G3 and H2 screens to improve ease of focus. What about the Beattie Intenscreen with the 1.2 lens? I have one for a F3 camera, wish it would fit the F2. My 50mm F1.2 is a modern AI mechanical focus lens. I bought it because it has less flair and less veiling when shot at 1.2 than two 55mm f 1.2 lenses I had previously.
Sam H.