Shooting portraits with an 8x10 is a mixed bag. I use a 14" Commercial Ektar lens (360mm) and it's great for families, groups or full length portraits. It's just OK for 3/4 length portraits and not so great for head and shoulder shots.

The problems are the lens speed and the amount of bellows draw required for close focusing. At f6.3, the Ektar begins dark enough on a big groundglass, but move it 18-20 inches from the groundglass and it gets quite dark when indoors. A head shot would require more than 25" of bellows draw and placement less than 3 feet from the subject's head. With such a big camera, that's a pretty intimidating setup for anyone but an experienced model. You also face a vanishingly small depth of field at apertures wider than about f22 or so. Think huge camera in your face, bellows racked out, strobes blasting f22 light, and you get the picture.

So, you can go to a longer lens with even greater depth of field limitations along with a darker image on the groundglass, but then it begins to really bust your budget.