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I've been shooting 120 transparency film since Kodachrome went away.

But I have a medium format projector.
I haven't shot any normal 35mm slide film since Kodachrome went away (since January 2011....uhhh I mean, December 2010... Yea that's it.... I swear I didn't make a deal to be shooting after the deadline....hehe)

but I've shot a bunch of 120 slide film (Velvia and some of my frozen Ektachrome epp stock) and a few rolls of Provia/Velvia 35mm but in a panorama camera.

Hardly ANY color negatives, and mostly expired B&W

I'd say 5% CN
35% transparency
60% B&W neg

0% B&W transparency but I REALLY want to do some, just haven't put in the time for the research yet...

And why? I guess it's sort of a silly reason, I just like the way it looks on a light box, it's easy to tell which image is the one I want best, and it's a bit harder to shoot properly, I think that's part of it too, I like the challenge and it forces me to be more accurate and hone my skills just a bit more.

But again, not really 35mm, only MF these days, so I guess I'm with the poster of the thread, I hardly shoot any true 35mm... Sad days ahead boys(and girls).



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