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I do have two kept-frozen rolls of 70mm Plus-X Aerographic 2402. I've not spooled any up yet, but I seem to recall that is does not have antihalo backing, not sure if that is a future issue. Under most conditions, probably not.

Info sheet is available online.
Gar! This app just lost all that I typed... To sum it up...

Hey can I snag a roll of that 70mm? I'm obsessed with it and shoot it more than 120.

Also, I agree, don't cut it, go see the large format photography forum and get a giant 18x24 LF camera setup and make prints that are ridiculously huge and sharp as a 5x7 from 35mm...

If you MUST cut it, and want to go the super cheap rout, get a ruler, some clamps, and go to Joanne Fabrics (or other craft store) buy a self healing cutting board and one of those circular cutting blades (looks like a pizza cutter).

Or just sell it and buy the film you DO want to use and save the hassle.



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