Looks like the MTA has come to its senses--

May 22, 2005
NYC Abandons Plan to Ban Subway Photography

Filed at 6:09 a.m. ET

NEW YORK (AP) -- A proposal to ban cameras in subways to prevent terrorism has been dropped by police and transit officials. The move comes a year after city transit officials came up with the idea to forbid photography, videotaping and filming in subway stations.

The New York Daily News reported in Sunday's editions that police and transit officials said a ban is not needed to secure the nation's largest mass transit system.

''Our officers will continue to investigate and intercede if necessary, if the activity -- photo-related or not -- is suspicious,'' police spokesman Paul Browne told the paper.

The proposal by NYC Transit, a division of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, had been criticized as too far-reaching by civil libertarians, photographers and some city officials.
Score one for our side.