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That's a bit confused

There's a lug on the SMC Takumar lens that turns the meter on, however it does not de-activate the stop down metering switch which if used then gives false readings. So just trying it with a correct reading of a 30th @f5.6 when the stop down switch is used it claim itneeds a 30th @ f11 (both with SMC Takumar lens).

I had great difficulty persuading my wife not to use the meter switch on her K mount Pentax with its standard lens, this gave similar false readings.

Haaa, You are right. With SMCT lens on Spotmatic F, the Depth of Field switch is electrically disconnected but not mechanically disconnected. You can push the switch up and the needle moves with changes - so you can be misled.

You bring up an important point: the metering is wrong with an SMCT lens on a Spotmatic F with the Depth of Field Preview switch up. I would say it stinks as a feature in this respect.