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What I mean is that Kodak announced that it will be selling its consumer film division, and no one knows what's going to happen after the sale, if a sale even happens.

My point is, why use an app for a film with such an uncertain future? Why devote your time to learning the nuances of Tri-X over an extended time if at the end of that time it may be discontinued?

I don't know why that's so hard to understand.
What's so hard to understand is this illogic pessimistic logic which shows you possibly had a certain Schopenauer among your ancestors. (or Cassandra, OK she was right in the end, that's not the point ).

Kodak never made an announcement that Tri-X is going to be discontinued.
Kodak is possibly going to sell its film division, but this doesn't mean the buyer is going to discontinue Tri-X or any other film.
Kodak sale or not, any film can be discontinued any time. But until it hasn't been discontinued, it is in production.

We devote our time to film because we like film. We all have to die one day: I, you, and film.
Why mourn our death before our final day?