Tri X is a great film. I've done lots of medium and large format portraits with it. Recently I've been shooting T-Max 400 however, and I have been developing it in a formula, FX 37. It's a high acutance developer that is said to work well with tabular grain films. I'm not sure this developer works as advertised in The Film Developing Cookbook. The negs aren't smooth, and the grain is more noticeable than say, T-Max developer or HC-110B, but I like the results. I'm shooting 4.5 x 6 cm negs, flatbed scanning, and producing Pt/Pd prints using hybrid methods. This is a mix-it-yourself developer and you may not want to bother, but if you do, I'll gladly send you the formula. A few of my hybrid photos made with the above techniques can be seen om DPUG.