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Common people don't know what a silver gelatin print is, and they don't care either.
Grainy, I think you a re probably right. But surely, if we value our work, it is our responsibility to educate the “Common people” as to why a silver print is so much more special than a digital one. My work will often contain my blood, sweat and tears depending on how clumsy I have been in the darkroom, how hot it is in there or how much trouble I am having with a particular print :-) (come to think of it there may be an arts project in that). If we do not champion what is special about analogue photography and what makes it special it will no doubt disappear even faster than it appears to be doing at the moment.

Hi jnanian, if the process isn't important why were you having so much trouble convincing the galleries that the work you were producing was photography, If the process isn't important then anything from a photogram to an image produced entirely digitally, and anything in between, can be classed as photography.