I just went there today-it's "Halloween weekend" (kinda) and the weather was overcast and rainy. I am a 21 year old female in an intro to photo class (B&W 35 mm) I went here alone. I first tried to go to the one across the street from Sheetz, and before I could even walk away from my car a cop approached me in his vehicle and told me I couldn't be on state property. Then I discovered the two connected buildings new the Fronteir museum. It was very eerie and I enjoyed the graffeti on the windows and doors saying "I hate you", "Fuck You", "Suck Our dick society", "Y U no let us in", "Come In", and "They told us to Kill"...all perfectly placed in the direction I chose to walk around the building. Every Window was boarded up and all the doors were welded shut or had piles of rocks in front of them. There was much overgrowth. It was thrilling to reach the final side of the building (what I think others refer to as the back entrance) and find a small opening in one of the windows. I broke the window a little more to safely get in without cutting myself too badly and climbed in to the window. It was incredibley dark inside and I took a few flash photos with my 35 mm. I lasted inside the dark building by myself for only 6 minutes and walked down the hall way perhaps 10 yds. I heard something from down the hall at this point and decided to not wander through the dark asylum by myself. I have not developed the film yet but I did take a few photos with my shitty cell phone camera.
door way with rocks and boards
front side of Peery building
the only opening to get in
inside looking out
view of both buildings