Hi Matt,

I set the film speed on the back to the proper ISO, I tried various backs and had the same problem. I also tried changing the film speed to something lower and still had the same problem, even on ISO 25 the light meter kept saying "over". Switching the metering from Average to Spot makes no difference. The lens is set to open-aperture ("A"). I'm using auto-exposure set to the normal AE mode. I also tried it in the AE Lock position, and still got the same problem. If by metering manually you mean that I'm using my handheld light meter and then adjusting the shutter speed, etc... based on that, then no I haven't tried that yet, but I will be doing that this weekend and developing the roll next week to see if the camera works that way which I believe it will. It would just be way more convenient if the auto-exposure metering in the viewfinder worked properly.