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The mechanical complexity of Hasselblads have always made me avoid them, and looking at the many frantic posts I see on internet forums about the mechanical problems that people are experiencing with them doesn't disuade me of this view, I would rather stick to my 2 Mamiya TLRs that have never jammed malfunctioned or let me down in about twenty five years constant use, Iv'e had them both CLA'd only once about eighteen months ago as preventative maintanance, and they will probably carry on working faultlesly for the rest of my life.
I suspect the main reason you hear more about occasional problems experienced with Hasselblads is that they are such wonderful workhorses that there are far more of them in circulation, and most with many more miles on the clock, than most other systems. They were favourites with a lot of professional photographers for a good reason. Unless abused or worn out from many years of hard use, they don't give anyone any problems.