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Nikon is forging ahead as fast as it can against Canon after giving a ton of its users to Canon in the 80s and 90s. It's all digital now; why would Nikon (or any other mfg.) allow a chance that their premier contest is going to be won by a film-based entry? Especially if that entry was made with a technology they're trying to abandon. Even more, if that entry was made with products that they no longer make, or made during the period their users were abandoning them in a flood to the competition? A period, now gone, when they were the king.

This sucks, I agree, but you can't possibly be surprised by this, can you? Really?

Except if they weren't so much of the corporate mindset they'd grasp that digital is so popular now that a film image winning is no threat to their business.

What really gets me is, they allow images from formats in which they have never even made cameras (lenses, but not cameras) so the contest is ostensibly open to all, but it must be digital when the cost of those formats in digital is prohibitive to most people. If they are going to allow large format, they should allow all using that format, not a select well-heeled few.

They don't want to be shown up by film, but they will be hurt far more if the winning image comes from a Canon.
I'm certain that it's not the photography types at Nikon who are doing this- it's the soulless corporate suits who claim that their business is "business", and see no reason to truly understand or even respect the business for which they work. I've seen a lot of them in my time, and there are more now than ever.