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... It seems that care, control and comprehension are no longer required


After thirty-five years in the darkroom maybe I've turned into an old fogey and Lomography is the one true-path(TM).
I think what we are witnessing is the nacesant renaissance of experimenters, not a disregard for procedure.

Remember that for decades the high priesthood of color proclaimed how difficult it was.

Just like folks experimenting with two color separation using red and green filter, which produces acceptable but not true colors, those guys experimenting without much guidance are getting something rather than nothing.

If we want them to buy the hell out of C-41 film so we'll have some ourselves we need to encourage them. And throw out the challenge to them that color isn't as hard as everyone thought. You don't need a $50K lab to get it right.

Honestly the color in the link was no worse than a red/green two color image, and we ooh and aah over those.

It's true that the lomo guys experimenting with C-41 "could" get superb quality color with the tools whereas a red/green separation cannot get past its inherent limitations. So the lomo crowd leaves a lot on the table.

But far better that they do something rather than nothing.

So I'm taking the position that while Lomography isn't "the one true path" at least I'll acknowledge that it is "a true path."

In the mean time, if you want true color take PE's advice and don't follow this example.