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andy, this sounds like a really fascinating method. A unique & intriguing approach!

Are you utilizing an exposure at a certain point in the development, or is it some kind of pre/post-exposure flash?

It's remarkable to me that such a good positive can be got by simply exploiting exposure at the right time... whoa!
it seems that about halfway to developing out the image (30-40 seconds) if i just hit the bathroom lights for a split second (halogen, not bad), or hit it with a high power xenon strobe (much better).

i really have had very inconsistent results so far. unfortunately i burnt the bulb on the higher watt strobe unit i was using (24W bulb), and trying to get the paper to reverse with a vastly smaller bulb is not working at all. i haven't put any time into more exposures with the bathroom light, although that's what i was working with at first.

i think this process has a lot of potential for producing some very very interesting pictures, as unique and unreproducible direct images.