Hello all,

I bought this beautiful, old camera a little while ago and would like to know a little more about it. I've been doing a bit of searching, but obviously not in the right places as I haven't turned up much.

It was sold to me as a 4x5 camera. I found the serial number (407409) and in one of the forums have found that it was likely manufatured in the late 40's, but where I'm confused is (from Camerapedia) the Kodak 2D was never manufactured in the 4x5 format. So the first question, what do I have sitting on the table here in front of me then? The wood of the camera and the back match, so was there a 4x5 back made and what I actually have is the 5x7 version of the camera?

It is missing one of the knobs (locking knob for the rear tilt), doeas anyone know where I can get one to match?

Lastly, not really a Kodak 2D question, but I also recently bought a 90mm SA lens for it, do I need a recessed lens board for it? I just tried it on the camera today and have to crank the bellow fully closed to get it to focus on anything.

Thanks everyone,