I've got to say that if I won and all the equipment was given to me, I'd probably end up giving it away to others who want to learn.

A while after my son was born and I had two kids to run around after instead of one, I embraced digital. During the earliest part of their lives, it was just too hard to keep developing film and I couldn't afford to send all the film I was running out to a lab. I got a Digital Rebel and went about relearning how to use photo editing software.

I realized something about six months in, though: I hate it. I actually HATE digital photography. The pictures I have of my kids are awesome and I don't really regret my choice, but I found negatives of my daughter recently from when she was a baby and there's just something completely DIFFERENT about them. I realized about two weeks ago that what I really wanted wasn't a 5DII/III, which is the way I was heading within a year and a half or so, but a damn Chamonix. I don't just like the images better with film, but I like the *process* better. I do enough on the computer already. Photography doesn't *always* have to be one of those things.

Nikon is really screwing up with this. People like me, who *do* use both film and digital, will likely not be supporting their brand in principle. They're going to miss out on *amazing* images. While it isn't the better business decision in the short term, I think that Nikon should look past the desire to sell as many digital devices as possible and actually come out as supporters of *all* forms of photography. Yeah, it's a pipe dream in these times, but have they looked at what's coming from film and alternative process users lately? It's obviously making a resurgence in a big way.

While it doesn't surprise me, it does piss me off and, to be honest, it's quite disappointing.