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Potassium dichromate does look inviting I never had such dream but my good friend Paul Taylor of Renaissance Press did wake up to such nightmare. A few years back, he was having some "friends" staying overnight. He was awoken by one of them in the middle of the night saying that he drank an orange liquid from a large, ugly black jug, marked as poison, in a chemicals only refrigerator that Paul keeps in his basement. Sleepwalking? Stupid? Paul rushed him to a nearby hospital where they proceeded to pump his stomach. A few weeks later, he gets slapped with a lawsuit. Of course the guy was full of it and it turned out that he had done this before for financial gain.

Now, Clive, make sure you don't sleepwalk and hit the fridge for some cool aid
Max, all my chemicals are stored in a cabinet in the darkroom and the darkroom is about 20 yards from the house in the back garden. I would never, even if labelled store photographic chemicals in the domestic fridge. Do others?