Not in the price range by a long shot but more compact than a Rollei 35 and uses 35mm film in a special cartridge for 14X21mm negatives.
Had a Rollei 16s a long time ago. Not really that compact and where are you going to get the film cartridges to reload?

I have several Minolta 16II's and they really are compact with a great lens, cheap too. Original Minolta cartridges will cost a lot more than the camera and I would think you will need at least 3 of them. The negative is very small at just 10X14mm but will print 5X7 without too much trouble, grainy of course unless you are using document film with a special developer. The other bug with the 16II is that the focus is fixed at 2.5 meters and you have to use supplementary lenses for shooting at other distances with optimal results. So, not fast to operate sometimes. The original Minolta cartridges are easy to reload.