hi guys

Did anyone go to the show. Get anything good [film accessories].

I picked up 40 rolls of plus-x at $3 a roll. exp 2006 . I bought 20

rolls awhile ago , it's the same batch .I didn't know if it would be

good, I don't think it was refrigerated . I did dev. 2 rolls and it came

out quite nice. Should I freeze or refrigerate or does it really matter

at this point? . I also picked up a back and insert for my mamiya

645 super., and a few books [aperture history of photography series]

Only 5. I don't know how many are in the set, but it's a start.

I thought I would write something since this forum seems to have

died off. Oh I also picked up 8 old photographs at some garage sales.

One other thing i bought a Seneca competitor view camera 5x7 the

lens is a seneca duo dust proof. Really nice camera , 3 wood film holders

with the name Victor H. Young written on them. I think it was made around

1908 from what I read on the Seneca web site. I would also like to know more

about Victor but I couldn't find anything on the net. I don't know if the camera

even came from around the Hamilton area ? I bought this with the thought of

doing wet plate. Have to get a darkroom set up first , hoping this winter.

Does anybody do wet plate in this area? Maybe take on a student ? I would

really like to give it a try before buying stuff that I don't need.

Well Iv'e rambled on long enough .